Enable Role Model List sponsored by Dow

The Enable Role Model List sponsored by Dow highlights 50 amazing Role Models who are using their personal experiences of disability, neurodiversity or mental health to advance inclusion for others in the workplace.

These global Role Models are not only building their own careers, but also challenging some of the barriers and biases which are preventing others from thriving at work as their authentic selves.

Nominate a someone for the Enable Role Model List

Anyone can nominate a potential Role Model or yourself for the Enable Role Model List sponsored by Dow.

To make a nomination you will need to provide us with your Role Model’s business email address. When the nomination form is complete, we will notify them by email that they have been nominated as a Role Model and give them instructions on how to submit their application for judging.

Apply to be a part of the Enable Role Model List

We invite those who have a visible or invisible disability, are neurodivergent, or manage a mental health condition to tell us about their work to drive inclusion for disability, neurodiversity, and/or mental health.

You don’t need to be nominated to apply to be a Role Model, but you will need to send in a submission form by Wednesday, 18 September 2024.